More than just Music - Peace of Mind too

For me to list the reasons why you should book Catch 22 will make for a long read. So go make a cuppa (I'll wait) and let me explain some more about our service we will supply.


It sounds a bit corny or cliche but we are hugely passionate about what we do. This passion is not only for music but for people, fun, laughter and life. Nothing makes us more happy than when we see a crowded dance floor. If we didn't make a wedding or party the best we could for all involve we would take it very personally. It would be like the end of the world for us! Even after successful gigs we look back and see what we can improve. We are always trying to better ourselves and making someones night is the ultimate high for us. People often say 'If money was no object, what would you do?'. Well... We are already doing it!

Talent, Experience & Ability

Catch 22 is made up of talented and experienced musicians. Led by Guitarist Neil Hopkins, Catch 22 have homed their skills and talents to create an incredibly versatile and great sounding band. Each member has also gained a BA(Hons) in music performance where we have learned extra skills that support our music ability. Ranging from knowing health & safety procedures to knowledge on staging and lighting help Catch 22 members perform at even higher levels. You can have peace of mind that you are dealing with professionals and not  a Dodgy Dave's Discount Disco! All Catch 22 members are employed in Musical Education services ranging from private tuition, being the head of music in a secondary school and teaching degree music under Wolverhampton University. Performing now for 5 years in this line up have helped Catch 22 members home our people skills to make everyone get caught poppin! 


Catch 22 have all pro gear as sound quality has always been important to us. Not only that but we actually have 2 complete systems and spares for everything. All our wireless equipment either runs on broadband networks or legal frequency band widths. All equipment is maintained, serviced and PAT tested.


Health, Safety & Reassurance

We use legal contracts and terms & conditions to protect both us and you as a client. We are fully PAT tested and have public liability. You can view examples below.