There is a lot of choice when it comes to picking bands - so why Catch 22?

Catch 22 are a fun, energetic and talented wedding & party band. Made up off professional Ba(Hons) degree musicians who actually work in the music and education industries. Catch 22 are a 'go-to' band for holiday parks such as Haven, Park Dean, Park Resorts, John Fowler & Hoburne and have also performed for many reputable companies & corporations (both local and national) and are used extensively to entertain troops for various army functions throughout Wiltshire. With flexible packages ranging from acoustic/semi-electric afternoon sets to 3hr danceathons Catch 22 have something for everybody and all budgets to make your day even more special.

It sounds a bit corny or cliche but we are hugely passionate about what we do. This passion is not only for music but for people, fun, laughter and life. Nothing makes us more happy than when we see a crowded dance floor. If we didn't make a wedding or party the best we could for all involve we would take it very personally. It would be like the end of the world for us! Even after successful gigs we look back and see what we can improve. We are always trying to better ourselves and making someones night is the ultimate high for us. People often say 'If money was no object, what would you do?'. Well... We are already doing it!


Free Consultation

Did you meet your wedding or party planner face to face? Have you only met your guests online? Have you only seen pictures of your food? I'm sure in most cases the answer is no. So it seems rather scary to book a band that you have not seen or met. If you have had a look at our prices & packages and you believe Catch 22 might be the band for you we would love to meet and discuss your wedding/party in more detail before a final quote. Most Brides & Grooms to be have been to a few weddings but Catch 22 have been to a lot! We believe we have a great idea of what can and cannot work! 

Lighting & Equipment

From making your dance floor look romantic and sparkling to a full on rave Catch 22 have a wide range of lights, lasers and smoke machines to bring your venue to life! Rather than leaving the equipment to work standalone Catch 22 actually run a light show.

We have up to 5k in watts available which is enough to do 400people sized venues.

Music & Set Lists

We have a huge repertoire of songs. However we are not a standard covers band. We medley them, we mash them and we mix them to keep the tunes coming. We can also give you the power to pick your ideal set list or you can leave it to us to read the crowd.

Either way our song choices and the ability to play tunes that other bands can't will make sure every generation has a chance to slide on their knees across the dance floor.

We are also happy to learn your first dance song or a special request to make the night the best it can be.

The Digital Edge

We run a fully digital system. This means we can perform in the smallest venues and perform in venues that have a sound limiter which other bands can't.

Using our fully digital system means we can mix our instruments perfectly no matter the venue or logistics. We have 100% control 100% of the time. It also means we can link up with pre-recorded orchestras and brass sections to have a huge sound and have our lights sync up with our music.

Laptop DJ Service

When we are not performing or taking a break we can use our system to keep the tunes pumping. We have plenty of mix tapes or we can even play your own playlists on any media playing device.

Given enough time we can also create playlists of all your favourite tunes that we will not get time to play.

We can also turn the volume down and have the perfect sound track for an evening meal or afternoon lunch.

Peace of Mind

We use PAT tested equipment and have public liability insurance. We have spares of all our equipment and our van is serviced regularly and has full breakdown cover. We have done over 100 private events and have a wealth of experience. We all have BA(hons) degrees in music and we have a pool off dep and session players due to illness. We run contracts to protect both parties and will work directly with the venue over health and safety issues.


Early Arrival

Its unavoidable but we (mainly Mathew on drums) have to make noise during soundcheck and setting up our equipment. Also loading heavy equipment makes us (Mainly Steph) very tired so expect heavy breathing! This 60-90min set up time can obviously disturb procedures at parties or weddings so to avoid this we can offer early arrival for £100+. We don't mind as it relieves stress on both parties. This small extra fee will allow for extra traveling or for us to go and get some food as it could be another 8 or so hours before we play!

While 3/4 off the band have a morning coffee, Steph will load the heavy equipment from the trailer while you are at the church/registry or not even on site so its all done before guests arrive. This also has the advantage that our system can be used to play background music at any time during the day!


Late Finish or More Sets

Our standard finishing time is midnight or 11.30pm depending on what package you are interested in. However we know sometime the party can go on much longer. We can provide extension up to 1am and also play longer or more sets