"A must see band that caters for all, We couldn't have had a better band at our wedding"  - Wedding Booking - Lorraine and Darren Stabbins

Frequently Asked Questions

Can you travel to gigs outside of Wiltshire?

Yes, we will travel outside of Wiltshire, We do ask for fuel expenses dependant on the journey length. Please contact us with venue information and we will quote you a price.

Do you require a deposit to secure a booking?
For weddings and private functions we ask for a 10% booking fee in advance to secure your booking.

How can we pay you for our wedding/private function?
Most payments are made via bank transfer but we can accept cash on the night. Any transactions must be cleared by the night of performance.

Can we request that you can play for longer on the night than the original requested length?
If we are having fun we will play for longer. Do remember we will probably be working for another 2-3hrs after the party is over. Unfortunately we can not accept offer of cash to play longer due to the complications and lack of any informal agreement.

Can I request a song for our event in advance that’s not on your set list?
Yes, as long as we can play the song on Drums, Guitar and Bass we will be able to learn it. Certain genres may be a problem due to a lack of a brass section and female vocals.

Do you take requests on the night?
Yes, If there is a song on our set list that you want us to play we are more than happy to play it for you.

Is your equipment safety checked and do you have insurance?
Yes. All of our electrical equipment is PAT tested. And we have public liability insurance through BandAmp. Look at our Why book Catch 22 page to view our documents.

How long do you need to set up?
We usually take around 60 -90mins to set up depending on what rig we are brining. Please be aware that we do need to make noise during our sound check so if your meal is in the same room please let us know in advance so we can arrange a time for our sound check.

Can we use your microphone for speeches?
Yes, this arrangement will need to be made in advance.

Can you provide lighting?
Yes, we provide a disco light set up with all functions. We also have the use of a smoke machine, but please be aware that some venues will not allow the use of a smoke machine due to their smoke alarm system. If you want the use of the smoke machine please make sure to check the use of one with your venue.

Are you going to be loud?
As we use an acoustic drum kit we do have an expected level of volume. Please be aware that some venues operate a volume limiter (A sound limiter will cut all power to the room in use when it picks up the maximum level of sound, this will cut off all amps, lights and P.A). This may impact upon our usual set up. Its always good to ask the venue in advance as a smaller/quieter set up may be needed.

Will you look smart on the night?
Yes, for weddings and private function or by request of pubs we do wear smart suits and dresses.

Do you require food and drink?
We do not always require food, but access to a buffet and soft drinks is always appreciated.

Do you do public gigs where we can come and see you live before booking the band?
Yes, we play at a selection of venues throughout Wiltshire. Please get in contact with the band to enquire about our next public performance or you can take a look on our website under the Gigs + Events tab. In the meantime, please check out our demo’s on the website.

How long will you play for on the night?
A typical function gig contains 2 x 1 hour sets of live music.

Can you provide music for the gaps between your sets?
Yes, we have an ipad available to plug into the P.A with some chart/pop/dance music on that can be used at anytime on the night. If you prefer you can also load your own IPod’s/mp3’s with your own choice of music to be used on the night.

I have looked at your entire website and listened to your songs but i am still not 100% sure I want to book you. Am I sound of mind?
No, I'm afraid by the sound of it you are not!